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 Code           Course         Location             Tutor/Leader                         Start          Day     Time   Frequency

 201ART03   Monday Art Group    Mawson Hut    Jenny McDonald   03/02/2020  Mon   10:00   Wkly  
 201EXC05   Yoga & Movement    Cape Paterson    Dot Charles   03/02/2020  Mon   10:00   Wkly  
 201GMS02   Mahjong Group    Garden Room    Carol Cox   03/02/2020  Mon   13:30   Wkly  
 201WDS01   Writing Group    Garden Room    Shirley Buckley   03/02/2020  Mon   10:00   Wkly  
 201WDS04   Monday Book Group    Mawson Hut    Felicia Di Stefano   24/02/2020  Mon   14:00   Mthly  
 202HIS01   US Civil War    Garden Room    Graeme Charles   04/02/2020  Tue   11:15   Wkly  
 202HIS02   Understanding the Foundations of Chinese    Mawson Hut    Bronwyn Miller   14/04/2020  Tue   13:30   Wkly  
 202HIS03   Australian Prime Ministers    Garden Room    Norman Abjorensen   04/02/2020  Tue   13:30   Wkly  
 202LRN03   Computer Group    Mawson Hut    Robert Butler   04/02/2020  Tue   9:30   Wkly  
 202OUT02   Garden Club    Garden Room    Lorraine Carroll   04/02/2020  Tue   9:30   Wkly  
 203EXC05   Fitness Fun & Occasionally Food    External    Graeme Charles   05/02/2020  Wed   9:00   Fntly  
 203EXC06   Tai Chi    Goat Island    Mary Schooneveldt   05/02/2020  Wed   12:45   Wkly  
 203LAN01   Italian - Beginner    Garden Room    Lia Pavic   05/02/2020  Wed   9:30   Wkly  
 203LAN02   Italian - Intermediate    Garden Room    Lia Pavic   05/02/2020  Wed   11:00   Wkly  
 203LAN03   Japanese-Beginners    Garden Room    Joan Hindle   06/02/2020  Thu   9:30   Wkly  
 203LRN04   The Brain    Mawson Hut    Harry Freeman   15/04/2020  Wed   13:30   Wkly  
 203WDS03   Cryptic Crosswords    Mawson Hut    Bruce Cummimg   05/02/2020  Wed   11:15   Wkly  
 204ART04   Craftaholics    Mawson Hut    Marion Kerry   06/02/2020  Thu   12:30   Wkly  
 204ART05   Painting with Watercolours    Mawson Hut    Lyn Goodwin   06/02/2020  Thu   12:30   Wkly  
 204EXC06   Walking Group    External    Robert Butler   06/02/2020  Thu   9:30   Wkly  
 204MUS03   Recorder Consort    Mawson Hut    Harry Freeman   06/02/2020  Thu   9:30   Wkly  
 205LRN01   Current Affairs    Garden Room    Fred Allen   07/02/2020  Fri   9:30   Wkly  
 205WDS02   Shakespeare    Garden Room    Lyn Street   07/02/2020  Fri   11:15   Wkly  
 206SOC02   Leisurely Lunches    Various    Gary Beard   29/02/2020  Sat   12:00   Mthly